The past Tuesday of October 3rd 2023, Diana Viegas, from INESC TEC, coordinators of the project TRIDENT, made an introduction with the most relevant objectives and priorities of this project, preseting “Technology based impact assesment for sustainable, transparent deep-sea mining exploration and exploitation”, inside the Technical Session III, which had its focus on Impact Assessment and Monitorig (including of sediments plumes) and was lead by the Session Chair: Dr. Samantha Smith.

Diana Viegas presenting TRIDENT on Underwater Minerals Conference 2023

Diana Viegas from INESC TEC presenting TRIDENT on Underwater Minerals Conference 2023

UNDERWATER MINERALS CONFERENCE – The World’s Largest Gathering of Ocean Mineral Stakeholders

The Underwater Minerals Conference (UMC) is an annual international forum, with representatives from over 25 countries, that since 1970 has brought the marine minerals community together. UMC is the world’s largest gathering of ocean mineral stakeholders, including government, academic, and commercial sector professionals. Some of the topics considered for the conference include:

  • Regulatory considerations related to mineral resource and environmental impact assessment.
  • Technological considerations related to scientific survey objectives and commercial recovery objectives.
  • General policy considerations related to the long-term development of these resources.
  • Geological and biological studies of marine minerals deposits and their associated biological communities

The International Marine Minerals Society (IMMS) in partnership with the University of South Florida College of Marine Sciences (USF CMS) presented the UMC 2023 – The 51st Underwater Minerals Conference. This year’s Technical Program Chair was Dr. Samantha Smith, the director of Blue Globe Solutions.

The Conference was held in person, in the venue Inntel Hotels Rotterdam Centre, located in Rotterdam, Netherlands. For more information and details abut this Conference, you can visit here their website.

Photo credit: Geomar.