Latest Past Events

EU SuperCluster Lapland Geoconference

Santa's Hotel Santa Claus Korkalonkatu 29, Rovaniemi

The SuperCluster Lapland Geoconference will take place right before the 14th Fennoscandian Exploration and Mining (FEM) 2023 conference. This represents a significant effort to address the EU's dependency on critical raw materials and promote self-sufficiency in mineral supply. Some of the key points about the event are: Dependency on Critical Raw Materials. The EU relies […]

Goldschmidt 2023 Conference

Lyon Congress Center 50 Quai Charles de Gaulle, Lyon

Goldschmidt is the annual, international conference on geochemistry and related subjects, organized by the European Association of Geochemistry and the Geochemical Society. In this edition, there will be 14 themes: Theme 1: From dust to habitable worlds Theme 2: The dynamic deep Earth Theme 3: Mantle–crust differentiation through time Theme 4: Crust: magmatism, metamorphism and metasomatism Theme […]

Oceans 2023 Limerick

University of Limerick University Concert Hall, University of Limerick, Foundation Building, Limerick

OCEANS 2023 Limerick is an event for marine professionals in the fields of marine technology, engineering, science, research, and education. It provides an opportunity to learn and experience cutting-edge technologies and to hear from experts and engineers about the latest research and innovations in marine science. It also facilitates the discussion of current environmental issues […]